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Real Estate

We also have extensive experience in advising on all realty related issues:

  • Drafting of earnest money agreement, sales, leasing, etc., and calculations on their tax impact.
  • Cancellation of Real Property Burdens and Encumbrances.
  • Declaration of New Building, or Horizontal Division property. Drafting Bylaws and Community Rules (Statutes of the Community of Owners).
  • Segregations, consolidations, cessation of undivided interest.
  • Commercial management for rentals of homes and premises.
  • Personalized lease contracts.
  • Study of the rental guarantees and the solvency of the guarantors.
  • Collection of rents and payment of expenses inherent to the property.
  • Filing and monitoring of eviction lawsuits and debt claims.
  • Building’s insurance.
  • Legal study for old leases.
  • Review of the maintenance and repair work of the managed buildings.
  • Completion of tax obligations derived from rentals.
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