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Since our beginnings we have specialized in the Social Economy, especially in advising Cooperative Societies and keeping their accounting and taxation with its many legal particularities; we offer the comprehensive management of these entities, accompanying our clients on their path through the social economy, taking advantage of all its benefits and adapting to its complexities.

Cooperatives are a very attractive type of company due to their advantageous taxation, also for having access to Social Economy Subsidies.

  • Specially protected cooperatives are only taxed at 10%, compared to 25%, which is the usual corporate tax rate.
  • Setting up a Cooperative has important advantages that you should consider before setting up your company.
  • However, it is not the best option in all cases, due to the important implications it has for you and your business:
  • Commercial, Accounting and Fiscal Legislation of Cooperatives is specific, different from that of a conventional Limited Company.
  • It is not easy to find a consultancy specialized in Cooperatives, which knows its regulations in depth and can advise you. Infad is a Consultancy specialized in Cooperatives. We know in depth its advantages and disadvantages. We simulate the taxes you would have to pay depending on the legal form you choose. We advise you in depth so that you can make this decision, which is so important for your future and that of your business. Once you have decided, we help you do all the paperwork for its incorporation.
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