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Legal services

A.- Inheritances and Donations: We have skilled professional to resolve any matter related to successions and inheritances:

  • Inheritance acceptances.
  • Claim of inheritances, inheritance rights and legacies.
  • Planning and hereditary optimization.
  • Declarations of heirs under intestacy rules.
  • Inheritance partition: negotiations and judicial processes.
  • Succession of family businesses .
  • Sale of inheritance rights.
  • Resolution of real estate conflicts.
  • Drafting of hereditary reports.
  • Drafting of family protocols.
  • Preparation of wills.
  • Taxation in inheritance situations.


B.- Obligations and Contracts: We have extensive experience in planning and drafting all types of contracts between individuals, covering all cases of discrepancy to avoid litigation, with clear and concise language and adapted to the needs of the client.

C.- Legal Defense: If you finally have to go to the Courts and Tribunals, we will defend and represent you all the way through; informing you in a professional way of the convenience and the pros and cons of each judicial action to be undertaken. We only sue if it really suits you (not us).

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