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Commercial Law

A.- Companies: We are experts in corporate law, and we can assist you in the incorporation of the company that best suits your needs, the reform and updating of its bylaws and internal protocols; the increase and reduction of its share capital; transfer of nominative and bearer shares, social participations, etc. We also provide, when required, secretarial tasks for the boards of directors or other governing bodies of the companies:

  • Incorporation of all types of entities.
  • Drafting and preparation of partnership agreements and family protocols.
  • Advice to management bodies and partners.
  • Family business.
  • Corporate governance.
  • Corporate restructuring (mergerssplits, etc.)
  • Liquidation of companies.
  • Challenge of shareholder and interest meetings.
  • Social and individual actions of responsibility against management bodies.

B.- Commercial Contracting: We have extensive experience in planning and drafting all types of contracts between companies, partners, clients, suppliers, etc. adapted to the needs of each client.

C.- Commercial credit claims: In the world of litigation, it is common to obtain judgments that ultimately end up not being fulfilled due to the debtor’s lack of economic capacity. For this reason, prior to the filing of any lawsuit claiming an amount, we carry out an investigation into the debtor’s solvency, all in order for the client to have all the information when deciding whether to embark on a legal proceeding.

In contentious proceedings, we take care of judicially claiming all kinds of debts, and in the case of companies, we always study the possibility of deriving responsibilities to the administrative body in order to expand the possibilities of obtaining an effective collection.

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