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Economists and Lawyers INFAD S.L.

Welcome to our office of Economists and Lawyers INFAD SL

We always have dedicated ourselves to accompanying and advising companies, in the arduous path of the business world and the intricate relations with the public Administration. Advising you correctly, and using the law to strategic advantage.

Our experience, of many years, includes the Social Economy (SCCL and SLL), as well as in nonprofit companies, and patronage (Foundations and Associations).

Our team can advise you on all those necessary aspects for actual companies, which are going through tough and highly competitive times.

Our services

Financial advisory service

Creation and monitoring of Bank-Company balance. Investment Analysis Certified “DUE DILIGENCE”

Comprehensive tax service

Completion of all the mandatory models before the AEAT. Advice on special operations, incidents, allegations and appeals. Representation before the Tax Inspection.

Executive legal service

Representation before the Courts, drafting of demands, complaints, and legal defense in general.

Labor consultancy

Counselling on collective agreements and their application, hiring and dismissals, Labor Force Adjustment Plan (ERES), monthly payroll, etc. Preparation of Payroll, certificates and Social Security, application form of affiliations, termination, temporary disability (IT), workplace accidents, etc. Legal representation before the Labor Inspection, Mediation, conciliation and arbitration (CMAC), and employment tribunals.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Preparation of Official Accounting (Journal, General ledger, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow, change in equity, notes). Pre-audits and close collaboration with auditors.

Legal services inquiry

Telephone and/or electronic consultations, to our lawyers, about specific legal application.







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